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So a boyband walked onto the Britain’s Got Talent stage and everyone thought they were going to sing One Direction or something typical…and then they sung Stars from Les Miserables.

This is the best thing ever. Just listen to those harmonies <3

Simon’s face says “I like it against my will.”



Dear Louis (blurb)

Dear Louis
Please keep in mind wile reading this letter that I do and always will love with all of my heart and soul, and nothing will ever change that. But I don’t know how much more of this I can take.
Being with you has made me the happiest I have ever been, but it has also been an ongoing emotional srugle. The hate I receive day after day, not only just on social media but in public, I can’t even walk down the street without someone calling me a whore. And the paps, I can’t go anywhere without getting my picture taken, if I so much as look at another guy the next day on the front of all the tabloids ‘Y/N caught cheating on boyfriend Louis tomlinson’.
You know me Louis, you know my past, you know what struggles I’ve been through. I never wanted to do this to you Louis but I feel as if I stay with you i’ll end up at the end of a rope. But I know that this needs to happen, and I hope that one day you will find someone who is strong enough to be with you.
I’ll sorry that I wasn’t.
With all my love

(AN) I hope you all like it!!!! Fell free to send me request for other imagines prefs and blurbs!!!!!

Do you remember? (liam blrub)

Do you remember playing as children? Do you remember the sand box in my backyard? How we would play in it for hours on end making sand castles and mud pies. Do you remember pouring sand down the back of my shirt, and how I chased you till my mom got home? Remember the rash that I got? Do you remember the first day if high school? Remember how big it was compared to our tiny old middle school? Do you remember how you were the class clown and I was the teachers pet? Do you remember our first kiss? Outside in the pouring rain? Do you remember our wedding night? How we walked down the shore line before going back to out hotel, how are bodies fit together like puzzle peaces. Do you remember the day you realized that my memory was going? How I would forget little things like picking up bread on the way home? Do you remember when I first forgot who or where I was? I want you to remember theis things, so that one day when my memory is gone for good, you can tell me about all of theis things, and then ill remember.

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